Passion Project:
Motherhood Sessions

As a mom I’ve learned there are many hats to be worn. The cook, the maid, the entertainer, the planner, the one who gets to sing twinkle twinkle 26 times to get their toddler to sleep… you get my drift. We spend all day focusing on everything and everyone. Even while working there is that one spot in your mind always worrying, planning, and making a mental to do list. It’s exhausting.

However, there are also those amazing moments of laying on the living room floor playing with your kids, snuggling up on the couch watching cartoons, rocking your little one to sleep, making dinner, giving your mini a bath… all things that become routine. Those things may be part of a routine, but they are also creating memories. The simple and consistent memories that as adults, we cherish.

The purpose of my new adventure is to capture that. Those moments, the ones that you haven’t even realized you don’t want to forget.

In this day and age, our cell phones never go far from reach – but so often its mom snapping pictures of the kids in an adorable outfit, or your wee one snuggling daddy, or giving grandma a hug goodbye. Those moments will always pull at your heart strings… but the purpose of THE MOTHERHOOD SESSIONS are to focus on you, mom.

To have those memories, and those moments saved. To have 30-45 minutes to play with your kids, or just do what you do everyday. No pressure, no fuss. Real. These aren’t posed shots where you have to worry about anyone cooperating – because let’s be honest – it’s harder than it sounds. These sessions will take place in the comfort of your home or somewhere special to you.

These sessions mean so much to me.


"Motherhood: All the love begins and ends there."

-Robert Browning-